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·        We offer a simple and affordable prepaid solution for Canada and USA.

·        Includes a U.S. mobile number, callers from the US will not incur an international call charge.

·        No activation fee and no connection fees.

·        Low Bundle plans for Canada and USA.

.        Save up to 90% off Canadian carrier plans. 

·        Data service. Surf the internet and check your emails. 

·        Triple-Cut SIM card (Mini, Micro and Nano)  

·        FREE U.S. delivery service. 


No contracts, No credit checks, No hidden charges, No surprises!





We are a US based company. Need more information? Please call us toll free 1-888-540-1170.

    Scroll down to "Start order here" to place your order.   

Canada and USA Plans

1GB Data + FREE Incoming text + 100 Outgoing Text and 1000 min Calls*  $29.95 
Valid for 30 days
 PLAN 2 
2GB Data + FREE Incoming text + 200 Outgoing Text and Unlimited Calls* $39.95 
Valid for 30 days 
 PLAN 3 
5GB Data + FREE Incoming text + 200 Outgoing Text and Unlimited Calls*  $49.95   "Most Popular"  
Valid for 30 days 
 PLAN 4 
11GB Data + FREE Incoming text + 200 Outgoing Text and Unlimited Calls*  $59.95 
Valid for 30 days 
*Calls included to USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India and others. Please contact us for calls to other destinations.  

US Mobile Number


The CanadaTravelSIM card has a U.S. mobile number, this will make it easy to stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. 


allers from the U.S. will not incur an international long distance charge when dialing your US mobile number.


How to start


1. Your CanadaTravelSIM card will arrive activated. Insert the SIM card into your Smartphone or Tablet


2. Turn on your Smartphone or Tablet. It will automatically search and register with the local carrier. Your cellular phone is ready to go!  


3. You are now ready to start making and receiving calls. Its' that simple.



Bundle Plan Service Life

Bundle plans are valid for 30 days from your activation date. You will need to purchase another bundle plan before your plan expires, in order to keep the same US number.

SIM Card Service Life

You can keep reusing the SIM card for life. You will need to purchase another bundle plan, before your 30 day bundle plan expires. 


  You can purchase another bundle plan by visiting this same page. We will not send you another SIM card as long as the SIM card is still active. Just scroll to the bottom and put your SIM card ICCID number.  

Optional Smartphone

If you do not own a Smartphone, you have the option to purchase one. We will also install the SIM card in your phone.


Traveling to other countries?

If your traveling to Canada and to other countries, we recommend our WorldTravelSIM card. The WorldTravelSIM card works in over 220 countries. The WorldTravelSIM card offers low rates in Canada and will never expire. 

Start Order Here 


Please complete our secure online order form. You will receive an email confirmation once you complete your order. You also have the option to purchase your SIM card by calling us 24/7. Our toll free number is 1-888-540-1170.  

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