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Thank you for visiting Ace Telecom Corp. We appreciate your business and interest in our services. We are located in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. We are an experienced telecom service solutions expert. Having first entered the telecommunications products and service world in 1997. We are committed to maintain the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction.

Ace Telecom provides telecom solutions for the world traveler. Providing communications for emergencies, disasters, special events, business and leisure travelers. Stay connected to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our products, services, and content. We value your input. Our mission is to provide total telecommunication solutions for the world traveler. We strive to improve, so Ace Telecom can be your one and only source for all your travel needs.

We use a thorough testing and research process to decide what products are at the highest quality in the market, so we can provide our customers with only the best. In addition, we are constantly improving and updating web site to be able to offer our products and services at the lowest prices available.

Our web site and 24-hour online ordering interface is completely secure and protected against fraud and identity theft, to offer customers a safe and comfortable ordering process.